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2017 has fulfilled its promises at our ins6tute.
Indeed, we have been able to op6mize and finalize
the methodology of our land program Acteur
Communau'Terre. Our goal was not only to
successfully introduce community land registers into
our pilot villages, but also to focus on the way to
duplicate the program and thus its efficiency. This
year has enabled us to adapt our methodology. Now
our interven6ons are faster and cheaper without
reducing the quality. The training of the Village
commiJees for Rural Land Management helps to
ensure the sustainability of the register. We are
looking for villages’ autonomy so that land
governance can be improved over the long term.
We took advantage of our exper6se on the land
issue to train the civil society and consolidate our
involvement within Alerte Foncier, a civil society
plaSorm that we contributed to create in 2015. So
these are reflec6ons, sharing of experience,
advocacy and training that punctuate the life of
Alerte Foncier. As the old saying goes: We are
stronger together!
In addi6on, our strategic partnerships with planters
union called SYNAPCI and with the Na6onal Chamber of
Kings and Tradi6onal Chiefs allow us to enrich our
analyzes and to promote innova6ve ideas or solu6ons
through the fine territorial grid of these two partners.
Take updated and contextualized informa6on, and then
disseminate it. This is the interest of these strong
Finally, it is not enough to know how to do it, we must
also inform. Audace Ins6tut Afrique maintains its posi6on
in the Ivorian and interna6onal na6onal media.
For all that has been accomplished, we thank our faithful
donors who give us their trust and especially the
Friedrich Naumann S6\ung, the Atlas Economic Research
Founda6on, the Network for Free Society and Mr. Paul
Beaumar6n. They support us and nourish our courage to
con6nue the mission of the poverty allevia6on that we
have set ourselves. We also thank all the volunteers
involved with passion in the life of the ins6tute. Their
6me and determina6on to promote freedom for inclusive
development is the basis of our daily dynamism.