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Results and impacts
The approach of Audace Institut Afrique leads to several results: conflicts reduction and
facilitation of their resolution; securing investments;)strengthening relationship between
villages and the administration; active transition toward the certification and the
creation of a favourable breeding ground for certifications; The decrease in the cost
and time of the land certification procedure; involvement of the prefectural
administration and the traditional chieftainship, in addition to the technicians;
identification of methods with a better cost/quality and a certain duplication; definition
of reliable, accessible and contextualized solution; strengthening social peace and the
inheritance transmission mode.
Participants welcomed unanimously, the quality of the project implemented since
March 2016 by Audace Institut Afrique to help village communities to clarify locally the
management of their lands. This innovative program is a mean to make easy the
enforcement of the rural land act of 1998. It was suggested that this project should be in
line with the land certification process which is now manage by the AFOR.
Realized by
Pascal Gbikpi