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2016, was a great year for the team of Audace Institut Afrique. Indeed, after spending seven years for the promotion of freedom
through ideas, debates, research programs and trainings, we have obtained a funding opportunity for the implementation of a
part of recommendations about our study called “how to reinvent rural land system in Côte d’Ivoire
in four Ivorian villages.
Our vision for the future of Africa is based on a bottom up development. The imple-
mentation of a program based on a bottom up model is then, an interesting chal-
lenge, especially in a country where the land is more than a market good. The study
of rural land helps to discover the very culture of Ivorian people.
The project, called Acteur Communau’TERRE, that will last six years, will help us to
contextualize and adjust our proposals which aim at securing the lands property
rights not only for land owners but also for users. Combining security, legislation, hab-
its and customs observance, is an exciting challenge for our whole multicultural and
multidisciplinary team.
In addition, the various trainings have helped us to raise new hopes and new free-
dom activists who have already been successfully integrated into the media
through regular publications. The seeds of freedom continue to increase. This is an
asset for Africa which is shown as a continent for the future. The emergence which is
much expected, could not be possible without the rise of the freedom that only
could help to alleviate corruption which keep the continent at the bottom. Freedom
is not only a world but also a virtuous way to a shared prosperity.
Gisèle Dutheuil, CEO of Audace Institut Afrique