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Free prices for a shared prosperity
In partnership with the national agricultural union for progress
in Côte d’Ivoire (SYNAPCI), we are pleading for the liberalisa-
tion of the cocoa price. In the the world largest producer of
cocoa country, the price fixing by the government does not
encourage farmers to produce quality cocoa beans.
Meet the freedom network
Donatien ADOU, a member of the scientific committee has
meet the large network of the friends of liberty during the liber-
ty forum organised by Atlas economic research foundation.
The forum was held in Miami In 2016.
United we stand, divided we fall !
Audace institut Afrique, in partnership with
INADES formation
, have implemented a platform call “
Alerte Foncier
”. This platform ral-
lies civil society organisations and specialists working on the rural land issue.
A leveraging tool to inspire new public policies
Be united for a strong plea