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For creating peace ambassadors
Seminar “Afrique et Liberté” 2016
in Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Mali, Benin, Senegal, Maroc.
A set of annual sub-theme called “Liberty as a remedy for violent extremism”
Atlas economic research foundation and the Smith family foundation
Libre Afrique.
30 people per country have participated to this residential seminar. A major subject in the rise of terrorism in Africa‘s context.
Everywhere in Africa, the “violent extremism’s flag is waved without embarrassment. All the African countries are concerned in differently way
by this scourge and tens of thousands are already died in addition to economic damage. Almost, our everyday actuality is characterised by
the grief and the desolation because of the multiplicity and the barbarism character of the violent terrorist actions.
The participation of youth to this terrorist actions bring our attention on this trend. Let’s notice that if these young are an enrolment field for this
group of terrorists, there are at the same time their victims. Henceforth, it’s now important to understand factors that make them be radical and
the reasons for their engagement in these violent actions. This is an overarching objective of this seminar which had a deep reflection on the
roots of the violent extremism in order to identify the right way to prevent this scourge.
Without overlooking individual responsibility of each young, we must realise that terrorists are “made not born”, by the reaction to a hostile envi-
ronment. Violent extremist groups can only succeed and publish their toxic ideologies in a context of frustration, of political and economic ex-
clusion and of political, economic and social crisis. In other words, the violent extremism can only expand in an ideological, political, or eco-
nomic repression environment. Economic and political freedom rehabilitation with all their responsibilities is the best antidote to the violent ex-
We are sure that young people are a hope not a danger. This seminar aimed at encouraging these young to simply endorse the peace, diversi-
ty and mutual respect causes to take part to the fight against violent extremism instead of support it. It was about a real plea for a free and re-
sponsible youth. Unfortunately, young people are treated as passive targets of campaigns against violent extremism. Rather, this seminar aimed
at involving them to create a fighting actions and make them to use freely their own strategies.