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Common Goods Regulation in Africa:
Can we compensate for states failure?
In February 25
2015 in Abidjan, AIA in collaboration with the panafrican company
organized a multidisciplinary symposium on the theme
Common Goods Regulation in Africa: Can we
compensate for states failure?
The crucial and overlooked question of “common goods regulation”, this key vehicle of social cohesion, as
an important component of healthy and sustainable development on the African continent.
In the spirit of AIA’s objective, independent, critical, and constructive stance before all subjects of great
significance, and in adherence with its commitment to challenge prejudices and conventional discourse,
the multidisciplinary approach adopted to engage with this multifaceted subject – philosophical,
economic, legal, and historical – allowed for the thorough exploration of complimentary thematic content
adapted to the African context
The quality and density of the contributions and the rich, animated exchanges they prompted enabled us
not only to meet the stated objectives of the symposium, but also to open the door for further discussions
that will raise the awareness of liberal and active citizens.
Speakers :
Full Philosophy professor. Researcher and Teacher at Alassane Ouattara University
of Bouaké.
, Ancient Christianity history Professor at university Paris-Sorbonne, he is the
Treasurer of the Augustinian Studies Institute (ASI) known worldwide as a leading research center on
holy Augustine (354-430). He co-directs the bilingual collection (latin-french) of St. Augustine’s
famous works under the name « Augustinian library» (AL).
Alban Alphonse Emmanuel AHOURE
, Acting Executive of the Policy Analysis unit of the Ivorian Center
for Economic and Social Research (CEPAC).
Ivorian Office of Intellectual Property (IOIP) Chief Executive.