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How to reinvent the rural land system in Ivory Coast?
A multicultural and multidisciplinary research work
This study has been carried out with the help of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and Friedrich
Naumann Stiftung.
Reinventing Land Security
According to the most optimistic figures, 4% of the
lands are currently registered in Ivory Coast. At this
rate, it will take more than a century to cover the
whole territory. Let’s say that the land certificate is
at the expense of the requestor and it costs on
average one year of the income of a regular
Ivorian. However, the government cannot afford
free certificates. This context obliges us to rethink
about land security. Actually, we should secure
the remaining 96% of the land while waiting for
the registration.
The development of a clear contract solving in
land exchanges is a good way for security
. In
order to cut down on risks, and therefore to
encourage investment, to reduce conflicts, to
encourage social unity, it is suitable to create a
frame that generates a maximum of clearness
and credibility to contracts. The geographic
space, the name of the parties, the family
referent, the contract duration, the type of
contract, the crops and activities that are possible
on the land, the exact price, should be well
defined by the parties with a translation if
necessary, so that the commitment becomes
A clear contract permits an investor to make
predictions which are adapted to the type of
contract that he has. These contracts have the
privilege to adapt to the context in which they
are made in compliance with the local realities
which differ according to the region.
In order to equip the contract solving with a
sufficient credibility, some basic reforms are