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Who are we?
Audace Institut Afrique (AIA) is an independent Ivorian think tank, apolitical, non-profit established in 2009.
Our mission
: Through its publications, its seminars ,its conferences ,its researches , its will to collect
multicultural and multidisciplinary innovative ideas , AIA stimulates political debate by making
contextualized proposals of reforms based on free market and the expansion of economic freedom, private
property, the rule of law and individual freedoms. AIA also works to strengthen civil society through
discussion meetings and a training program for students.
Our Vision
: A responsible freedom for a shared prosperity
The year 2015 was
for Audace Institut
Afrique a year of
consolidation of the
gaining the loyalty
of our donors, we
got the trust of new
financial supports.
The team has been
expanded with the arrival of two new members in
the Scientific Committee. The activities of our
Malian antenna began and the permanent team
was trained at the management and promotion
of a non-profit organization.
The research program ‘’How to reinvent the rural
land system?’’, started in 2014, continued to
reach the stage of completion of the study which
will be presented in February 2016. Innovative
ideas are standing out of this work and go in the
direction of creating wealth in rural areas but also
of reducing conflicts. Property security is an
essential element of freedom. To propose a way
of securing that respects tradition while
modernizing governance was a major challenge
for the institute. We are then ending this year in
the impatience of sharing our work and the
preparation of the implementation phase of our
proposals in four Ivorian villages with the support
of the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung. New
challenges are emerging!
The students training program dear to us was very
dynamic again this year with civic topics and
contests. For the first time we have expanded our
interventions to Yamoussoukro.
The information in this brief activity report can be
complemented by our website which is very
complete and that has been completely
revamped this year.
On behalf of all the Audace Institut Afrique team,
I wish you a good reading. We hope to see you
on our way in 2016 to share new ideas and make
advance the voice / path of freedom.
Gisèle Dutheuil
Directrice d’Audace Institut Afrique