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as a year of challenges, reorganizations, has allowed
Audace Institut Afrique to expand its team and activities.
Indeed, the institute has conducted a comprehensive
research program on land ownership in rural area that will continue in the
four years to come. The institute is at its first step in the field of research.
concept (multidisciplinary and multicultural brainstorming) was
strengthened throughout all the activities to make the proposals more
relevant and contextualized.
has strengthened its international network with new partners from India,
South Africa, Uganda, United States and England; this enables
to draw
inspiration from foreign experiences relevant to African reality.
Provide training remain a very important part of the institute’s activities. One
of the important objectives of a think tank is to raise awareness, especially in
a situation where the government does not support education.
We therefore organize our programs according to the four categories listed
Research, training, raise awareness and influence.
In 2014,
has managed to maintain the trust of its donors and even
widened the circle of donors, allowing it to assert its independence, a trait to
emphasize since the African civil society is highly politicized.
After Burkina Faso in 2013, a new representation of the institute was created
in Mali.